September 5th, 2017

Blizzard hosting a $1.2 mil Heroes of the Storm tournament

Blizzard have announced that they’ll be hosting a Heroes of the Storm tournament at BlizzCon, with a prize pool of $1.2 million USD.

Eight teams from around the globe will be competing, with  two teams from Korea, two teams from America, two teams from China, and one team each from Korea and Taiwan battling it out for a grand prize of $200,000.

It’s a lengthy road, though. The picture below shows off how things are divided up, with each region having their own qualifiers and then championships, determining which eight teams get the opportunity to head to Anaheim for the finals. The America division will likely be particularly rough, considering that’ll match up teams from North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia (?) and Australia & New Zealand (??), which is a really weird definition of America.

Heroes of the Storm is due to leave beta and officially launch on 2 June, while the World Championship of the tournament itself will be at BlizzCon on 6-7 November. I’ve been meaning to go back and have another look at it, so perhaps I’ll find the time before launch.

If you think you’re good enough to sign up, you can apparently keep an eye on the official site for more details on the tournament in the near future.

heroes of the storm blizzcon tournament

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