The team of Fatshark and Toadman Interactive are teaming up to deliver a bloody, top-down arena-style game. Bloodsports.TV will take place in the Krater: Shadows over Solside universe and feature five-player cooperative modes.

    “Finally we are excited to announce this bloody little darling of ours! Bloodsports.TV started off as a crazy attempt to create the co-op experience we had always wanted to experience, but couldn’t find”, said Rasmus Davidsson, Lead Designer at Toadman Interactive. “Bloodsports.TV is truly the most fun game we’ve ever worked on and we can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world. See you on the scoreboards”.

    The gladiator battles take place in nuclear torn Stockholm. The game will feature various types of weapons, including traditional healing and skill buffs–but not for one second forgetting the combat that shapes the genre.

    Greg Bargas
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