Buckshot Roulette New Double Or Nothing Items
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Buckshot Roulette: New Double or Nothing items, explained

What's in the box?

With the release of Buckshot Roulette on Steam, players will be jumping to access the Double or Nothing mode but may be surprised to see new items. Four new items have been released, but how do they all work?

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New Double or Nothing items in Buckshot Roulette, explained

If you want to access the new items in Buckshot Roulette, you’ll first need to unlock Double or Nothing mode. This is an “endless” type of mode that offers double the rewards but with hefty risks involved. Each of these items can prove to be detrimental to your success or failure in this mode. Here’s how they all work.

Buckshot Roulette New Double Or Nothing Items Burner Phone
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Burner Phone

The description tells you that the Burner Phone lets you call a mysterious voice who gives you insight from the future. Sounds cryptic, but it’s a lot more simple than it sounds. Once you use the phone, the strange voice will reveal one of the shells and what type it is.

This one in particular gave me insight into the second shell, letting me know it was blank. Since I knew I only had one live and one blank, that allowed me to shoot the dealer and win that round.

Buckshot Roulette New Double Or Nothing Items Adrenaline
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Adrenaline allows you to steal an item from the dealer to use it immediately. As soon as you take it, your vision gets brighter and you have a few seconds to pick which item you’d like.

I’d advise you to be quick about it since it only gives you about five seconds before you lose the rush and are brought back to your side. You have the chance to waste this item if you don’t pick fast enough.

Expired Medicine
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Expired Medicine

The risks really ramp up with this item. Consuming Expired Medicine has a 40% chance to regain two charges for you, but there’s a 60% chance you’ll lose one charge.

If you have only one charge left it’s a really high risk, but it’s a lot safer to use when you have at least more than one. But if you know that your chances of losing against the dealer are large, the Expired Medicine could be your savior.

Buckshot Roulette New Double Or Nothing Items Inverter
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The Inverter is quite simple, it swaps the polarity of the current shell in the chamber. This means that if it’s a live shell it switches to a blank, and vice versa.

At first, I thought this made live shells reverse and shoot yourself if you attempt to shoot a dealer, but it simply changes the type of shell it is. This can be a tricky item if you have no idea what the shell is, so this can pair well with the Magnifying Glass.

Now you can play Double or Nothing with greater knowledge about these new items. Not only did we get new items with this update, but there was a teaser about a multiplayer mode too!

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