Bundle Stars’ Neo:Retro set includes planets as well

universe sandbox bundle stars
Doing your own Brian Cox narration is mandatory.

Being able to control the entire universe for just under $4.00 USD seems like a relatively good deal. It’s also not strictly true, but because Bundle Stars’ latest bundle (Neo:Retro) includes Universe Sandbox you can get pretty close.

You’ll also get nine other games, including the rather excellent Realms of Arkania trilogy. RPGs from a school so old that the kids there are still using chalk boards to work out how to distribute their stats properly. A double-header of block-based shooters 3079 and 3089 is in there too.

Then there are the titles I haven’t really ever heard of like Ethan: Meteor Hunter (he hunts the meteors from Universe Sandbox, I guess) and Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual which can only be a point-and-click adventure game with a name like that.

That $4.00 USD nets you Steam keys for all of them, plus the ones I didn’t mention.

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