A mere $4.66 USD will allow you to experience the joys of … wait, this looks horrible.

Beat the average price in the ongoing Humble Indie Bundle 9 ($4.66 USD right now,) and you’ll get four additional games on top of the six rather tasty ones it was already offering before today. If you previously bought the Bundle and paid more than the average (at the time,) you’ll already be getting these extra goodies.

So, in addition to Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies, Brutal Legend, Fez and FTL, you’ll now (potentially) get Limbo (pictured above,) Bastion, A Virus Named TOM and Rocketbirds as well. Is that quite a good deal for just under $5.00 USD? Yes. Yes it is. Unless you already own all/almost all of those games, of course. Or have no spare time. Or whatever. Then it’s rubbish.

In addition to the games, beating the average price will also give you the soundtrack to each title. Hurrah. Having just looked at the running total, I can tell you that this deal has made a shade over $2.5 million USD. Coming up in future Humble Bundles, it looks like Focus Home Interactive will be putting together an offer.

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