This was pretty much an open secret, but it’s now officially confirmed that the next Call of Duty will be heading back to the era of WW2. A countdown site has appeared, ticking down a full “livestream reveal” of Call of Duty WW2 (that seems to be the name) on 26 April at 10am Pacific.

And … that’s basically the extent of the news. You can give Activision your email to be reminded when the livestream starts, if you like. Oh, and Sledgehammer Games’ logo is at the bottom of the page so they’re definitely the developers. Looks like it has a PEGI 16 rating too.

Okay, that really is it. 26 April will be the day for more Call of Duty WW2 information. Sorry for the tedious tease of a tease, but confirmation of the WW2 setting seemed worthwhile at least.

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