Can you make a bigger lobby size in Lethal Company

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Lethal Company is a spooky thriller game that you and your friends are certainly going to want to check out, but with the game currently supporting only four-player co-op, we’re wondering if we can make this lobby size bigger.

Lethal Company: Can you make a lobby size bigger

In Lethal Company, players venture into mysterious planets throughout the galaxy to collect scrap and loot to sell to their boss. Naturally, the game is going to be much easier if you’re working as a team rather than playing the game solo, as communication is vital.

However, Letahl Company, for the time being, only supports up to four-player multiplayer, and it doesn’t appear as if there is any workaround for the time being.

But this isn’t to say that Lethal Company isn’t a blast with the current lobby size, as players can take advantage of unique tools such as the Inverse Teleporter, which will send you somewhere completely random on the map.

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This doesn’t mean that this will not change in the future, as the game is currently one of the highest risers in terms of popularity since it was released, and with many big streamers such as Xqc testing it out, there’s no telling where the developers may take the game to next. We could also see mods added to the player limit per lobby in the future.

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