Wuthering Waves With A Playstation Controller
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Can you play Wuthering Waves with a PlayStation controller? Answered

Mouse and Keyboard too complex for you?

If you prefer to use a PlayStation controller to enjoy your PC games like Wuthering Waves then you’ll want to know about the support provided by this Gatcha game. Nobody is judging you for doing it, not to your face anyway.

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Does Wuthering Waves have PlayStation controller support?

You can plug in your favorite controller, be it an Xbox, PlayStation, or third-party controller to play Wuthering Waves. Simply plug it in, and the controls will switch to your chosen handheld gaming controller. You may need some software to make your control functional, but this isn’t too difficult.

If you are playing with an Xbox Controller, your Windows PC will automatically map it and give it full functionality. This would usually be the case with a PlayStation controller, too, but if you’re having a few problems with Wuthering Waves recognising it, you can try these steps.

Can you play Wuthering Waves with a PlayStation controller? Answered
Screenshot: PC Invasion

How to play Wuthering Waves with a PlayStation controller

First, make sure you have it plugged in via a cable. Sometimes your Bluetooth connection can have a problem, so a cable is the best approach. Also, check the cable isn’t faulty. If you are still struggling to play Wuthering Waves with your PlayStation controller, then download DS4Windows.

This small program will recognize almost any controller you put in and automatically map it to your games. You can also switch up many controller settings, like sensitivity and button inputs, which can lead to some pretty inventive outcomes. Why not try playing Wuthering Waves with a Donkey Kong Bongo?

Once you have your PlayStation controller set up, you simply need to turn the game on and start to play. If you feel like you want to switch up your controls or button mapping, open the settings menu and head down to your controller settings. Here, you can remap your inputs to what you would like them to be. Make sure you have your dodge and attack buttons in the proper places.

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