The Bohemia Interactive ‘re-imagining’ of the 1980s title Carrier Command (subtitled Gaea Mission to distinguish it from the original) has been selling at the reduced price of $25 USD for the past few months. After 30 July, the game will get slightly more expensive and (as the game is nearing completion) it’ll no longer be possible to offer beta feedback to the Bohemia development team.

While the ‘Play and Contribute’ offer will end on 30 July, a pre-order deal cutting 25% from the price of the full game will start immediately afterwards. You’ll still gain access to the beta (offering the Strategy Game mode from the title) too. The discount will reduce again at the end of August.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is due on 27 September for PC. An Xbox 360 release is also planned, but may follow at a later date.

I played the beta myself, and here’s how I got on:

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