Cryptic Studios has released information about another villain in its upcoming MMO, Champions Online.

The talented and powerful Stingray is also known as Princess Thalassa, daughter of the Queen of Atlantis. After the death of the King, Stingray’s father, her mother retreated into grief and concentrated solely on preparing Singray’s older brother for the throne. Feeling neglected by her mother despite her substantial powers, the highly-strung Stingray came across a number of powerful spells which included the ability to use bioelectric shocks (hence the name Stingray) and the ability to hide in inky clouds like an octopus. However, she was unaware of the spells’ evil origin. When she was discovered practising these rituals by her mentor, elderly librarian Ikthos, she struck and killed the old man.

Stingray fled the castle, refusing to take the blame for the death of Ikthos, instead blaming her family for the course of events. This finally tipped her over into madness, and since then she has spent her time plotting a way to depose her mother and become Queen of Atlantis.

Stingray will do anything to get nearer to her goal, even team up with a superhero. She is not necessarily evil, she doesn’t want to hurt people, but it is so filled with hate that she needs to lash out. A few years ago, Stingray was badly injured and lost her memory. While she was unaware of her past, she was a kind and honourable person. She met and fell in love with the superhero Amphibian, but when her memory returned she turned on him, accusing him of taking advantage of her in a vulnerable state.

Underneath it all, Stingray still cares for Amphibian and her family. Will she follow through on her evil plans, or will her feelings giver her pause?

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