How to change the time of day in Ark: Survival Ascended

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When the sun goes down and you’re left with only the moonlight, Ark: Survival Ascended can be a little daunting. In this guide we will cover how to change the time of day in your Ark: Survival Ascended server, whether that’s to make it nighttime or brighten up the land around you.

How do you change the time of day in Ark: Survival Ascended?

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There is only one way to change the time of day in the game, and that’s by using console commands. Who doesn’t love a little bit of light coding? Press the “~” key on your keyboard to open the command console, and then type in “SetTimeOfDay”, as well as the time you want to change your world to. This unique tool works in the regular game as well as while you’re using Photo Mode, granting you the ability to snap snazzy pics in the perfect lighting atmosphere.

The system does use military time, which means it runs on a 24-hour clock and not the 12-hour am/pm style. Therefore, if you want to change the time of day to 11 am, you would type in “SetTimeOfDay 11”. However, if you were to change the time to 11 pm at night, you’d want to input “SetTimeOfDay 23”.

How do you change the time of day on multiplayer servers?

You will automatically have access to the command we talked about above if you’re playing all by yourself, but if you joined someone else’s server and aren’t already an admin, they will need to make you one first to grant you the power of time. All they have to do is type “ShowMyAdminManager” after activating the command console, and then their screen will display the picture shown above. Look under “Connected Players” and select whoever is being given admin powers, then grant them. Now they can also spam the time command to blind you and all of your friends.

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