Changes made in Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 3 left many players unhappy

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Although the player reception from Baldur’s Gate 3 has been overwhelmingly positive, some recent events have rocked the waters. Some changes that Larian Studios made in Patch 3 for Baldur’s Gate 3 have left many players unhappy. While everyone was overjoyed at finally getting to change their appearance through the Magic Mirror, that seems to be the only positive change from this update. One single post on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit demonstrates just how many people agree with this sentiment.

Patch 3 for Baldur’s Gate 3 leaves most players unhappy

In this one specific post on Reddit, a player has outlined some of the changes from Patch 3 they don’t agree with. Some of the most talked-about features are the shared stash, new hair for His Majesty (a once hairless cat who seemed to fit that look due to his attitude), and even Raphael’s terrible dye job. Although some of these issues sound trivial, there’s a lot more that players have complained about. The fact that it has 7,000 upvotes reflects the community’s collective feelings.

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Myself, and many others, already found the dyes in Baldur’s Gate 3 to not be very accurate. One dye may describe one color, when in reality the colors it changes to don’t look right at all. In Patch 3, they made some of the leathers of your clothes dyable. Apparently the leathers become too neon in tone.

In more buggy news, while many large updates can introduce bugs, this patch seems to be the worst for them. The Reddit post explains how some animations are missing, your companion Gale is bugged again, and an NPC can instantly die in Act 2. Also, you apparently cannot save your game after trading, which seems like a serious bug.

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Due to how much Larian Studios listened to player feedback during the Early Access years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next update come swiftly to fix these issues. The team probably keeps up with the latest Reddit discussions, so while they may not remove some features like shared stash, bug fixes are definitely on the horizon.

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