’twill soon be Halloween, which means any number of videogame developers could be scrambling over one another to add zombies and vampires to their game and charge you money for it. United Front are certainly in the queue, as they took the time at New York’s ComicCon to demo ‘Nightmare at North Point’ for Sleeping Dogs.

    The DLC will add a single player campaign dealing with a miffed fellow who’s returning from the dead with a pack of zombies and Jiang Shi (chinese vampires) to inflict revenge on the Triads who tortured him. Seems fair enough to me, but apparently you’ll be fighting against the undead hordes.

    Wei Shen will be able to drink magical tea to give him flaming fists of fury and there’ll be a magical sword laying around somewhere too. A price point has yet to be officially announced, but you can expect the DLC on 30 October.

    Peter Parrish

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