Cities: Skylines gets a new video created with unwanted clips

Cities: Skylines gets a new video created with unwanted clips

Colossal Order are making a new video, and although not all the footage was good enough, it was still worth releasing.

Cities: Skylines is looking great and info has been trickling out of the Colossal Order studio at a steady rate since the start of this year. With the game probably looking like it will be out within a few months, the development team is has been piecing together a new game trailer which is due for release soon. Not all the footage they shot will make it in though.

The video editors were obviously not happy that footage would end up on the cutting room floor so they’ve taken the bits that won’t make the final trailer and created another video. This footage may not make the “official trailer” but it’s still worth a watch if you’re keeping an eye on this city builder because the game is looking cracking. Sim City will soon be a distant memory and small cities will be wiped from our memories. What joy.

In related news, a new developer diary is now online which covers the game’s different info views which is especially useful if you’re a sim game stat watcher. The Cities: Skylines map overlays look great and are extremely clear to follow.

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