Climbing Gear location in Tears of the Kingdom

Climbing Gear Location In Tears Of The Kingdom
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Do you miss your favorite Climbing Gear shirt from Breath of the Wild? You’re in luck, because you can find the same Climbing Gear in Tears of the Kingdom. Its location can be quite easy to miss if you’re not enough of a sleuth. To prevent you from missing this vital outfit, we’ll show you the Climbing Gear location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location of Climbing Gear in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you’ve made it off of Great Sky Island and have all of Hyrule to explore, make your way northwest. The main quest tells you to start in Hebra anyway, which is the northwestern region where Rito Village resides. On your way, you should come across New Serenne Stable.

Northeast of this stable is a small hole in the ground, which will lead you to North Hyrule Plain Cave. This hole is easy to miss, but the exact location of the Climbing Gear is even more hidden.

On your way, you’ll eventually spot a Horriblin. Take it down, and continue until you spot a cascading waterfall. Remember that rule you should have about waterfalls in video games? Always check for a secret room behind them. This one is no different.

Behind the first waterfall you see on your way down is a secret room. Swim under, and you’ll find an area with a chest containing the Climbing Gear, which is apart of the full Climbing Armor set.

We recommend that you explore the full extent of this cave, as it contains a few more enemies and treasures. But otherwise, this Climbing Gear shirt increases Link’s climbing speed, so you’ll have an easier time making it up steep cliffs. Stay tuned for more articles on how to find the rest of the Climbing Armor set!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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