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German Twitch channel Crash_Academy managed to pin down Cloud Imperium’s Ben Lesnick to discuss the current state of Star Citizen. After the events of the past week regarding refunds, the host managed to get a few answers to some pressing questions about the funding and the state of the game.
On the subject of crowd funding Ben said that the game would not have been possible without community getting behind the game when addressing a question about the recent comments from Derek Smart.

“Everybody is welcome to their opinion. It’s not just Derek Smart. Ever since the beginning people have been saying it’s too big, they can’t do it, it’s impossible. We aim to prove them wrong. The whole point of going to backers in the first place is because the game is so big and such a challenge. everything we do is oriented to meeting that challenge.

“I keep going back to the John F. Kennedy moon quote, that we’re going to go to the moon. Not because this is easy, but because it is hard. That’s Star Citizen. We’re not as important as the moon shot, but we’re here to meet that challenge.

“We are here to meet that challenge and do something incredible. We reached out to the community because they’re the ones that understand it and a publisher wouldn’t.

“You’re going to see some incredible progress in the next few weeks. It’s going to be good. None of the criticism worries me because it’s just not correct.”

In others Star Citizen news, Star Marine is “coming along and won’t be too far in the future” according to Ben. Arena Commander 2.0 is also getting a new map as already reported a few days ago, and Ben confirmed that it will handle more people and will take two hours to cross at maximum speed.

The next few weeks leading up to GamesCom are going to be a busy time for Cloud Imperium and we hope that this year we’re going to see some real results and get a much better idea on how development is coming along. Anyone who loves the idea of Star Citizen will be hoping they can prove that it’s possible but it’s not going to reach its full potential for long time.

You can watch the full interview below and it’s worth your time if you’re keeping an eye on development because a few more details are fleshed out.

Paul Younger
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