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There’s no shortage of talent in the video game industry. Veterans have been making and creating stories for years, bringing experiences like Limbo and Inside to life. The lead gameplay designer, Jeppe Carlsen, for both of those critically acclaimed titles teased Cocoon, a new puzzle game, during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

The trailer showed off what players can expect from Carlsen’s new studio, Geometric Interactive. Although brief, the gameplay trailer showed off a surprising amount of depth to it. Not only does it look like players will unlock new areas in this 3D world, but they will discover new worlds with each puzzle solved.


COCOON is a unique take on the puzzle adventure genre, where each world exists within an orb that you can carry on your back,” reads the game description. “Wrap your head around the core mechanic of leaping between worlds—and combine, manipulate, and rearrange them to solve intricate puzzles.”

Finding the next path in Cocoon

It also looks like Cocoon is a game much more than just solving puzzles and marching on to the next one. In the game, the different orbs seen in the trailer carry different abilities with them. Unlocking them reveals new tools for you to use and discover new pathways, hidden objects, or fire off projectiles to reveal a new path. Those tools must also be harnessed to face boss battles against the world’s “guardians.”

“Interact with alien environments and biomechanical devices left behind by an ancient civilization,” the description states. “Journey through unique and diverse biomes, from industrial structures to massive organic caverns, and discover how they are connected to one another.”

Cocoon is being developed by Geometric Interactive and will be published by Annapurna Interactive. The game is slated for release in 2023 for PC. If you’re interested to know more, you can find fresh info over on Steam.

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