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Activision has given us a taste of multiplayer gameplay in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War today. The multiplayer reveal trailer is three loud minutes of guns, explosions, and vehicles. In the trailer, we go on a world tour from Miami to Uzbekistan. Five maps in total were shown, and each one varied greatly in terms of looks and gameplay. Miami will have you running along the neon-lit streets, while a map in the North Atlantic places you in jet skis.

It still all looks very Call of Duty, for better or worse. For those who can’t get enough of the high-paced running and gunning Call of Duty is known for, Cold War has your back. The trailer certainly won’t subvert many expectations. There are vehicles to drive, guns to shoot, and hatchets to hurl into foes. We even see the return of the RC-XD, which is only adorable until it makes a noise.

The maps do look great, however. Aramada takes place in the North Atlantic, and has teams fighting on jet skis and gun boats while snaking around massive warships that serve as obstacles or more places to fight. It almost looks a bit too Battlefield, now that I think about it. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Angola will have you zooming across the desert on buggies, and fighting in winding caves.

Same Duty, new systems

Black Ops Cold War‘s multiplayer returns with the create-a-class system. It’s slot-based, allowing you to choose a primary and secondary weapon, lethal and tactical grenades, perks, and a field upgrade. Activision promises that the game will include more attachments “than ever before.” Cold War includes 54 available attachments for your weapons. Primary guns can have up to five attachment slots, which changes to eight with the Gunfighter wildcard. Oh, yes, wildcards are back. Other than Gunfighter, you can also choose one that doubles your amount of lethal and tactical grenades.

One massive change that should prove interesting is with the scorestreak system. Instead of losing your earned score at death, you keep it, guaranteeing you a scorestreak reward — unless you’re as good as me at the game. Of course, the concern here is that each match would just become a cacophony of scorestreaks rewards cracking off one after the other. To compensate, however, the developer is including a cooldown timer to prevent spam.

Black Ops Cold War will also include the next version of the popular battle royale mode, Warzone. Instead of having you start from scratch in Cold War‘s Warzone, you’ll be able to keep all your unlocked weapons, shop content, characters, and progression (including cosmetics).

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is releasing for PC on November 13. You can get in on the multiplayer action early with the beta, which is available through for PC players starting October 15 for those who pre-order. An open beta begins on October 17.

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