A new piece of Crusader Kings II DLC is on the way which will let you build a ruler from scratch, rather than having to make do with one of the hundreds of half-witted playable nobles based on real life characters.
The ‘Ruler Designer’ will let you play around with your King or Queen’s characteristics (and traits), family relationships and coat of arms, before unleashing him or her upon the world. At long last, you’ll be able to bestride Europe as the syphilitic psychopath you’ve always dreamed of being.
This add-on will be released on 17 April and costs a rather cheeky $5.00 USD. I think if I were a feudal vassel being asked by King Paradox to contribute that amount for a character builder, I’d be a bit peeved.
You can read the IncGamers review of Crusader Kings II, here.

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