Is Coral Island on Xbox Game Pass? Answered

Is Coral Island On Xbox Game Pass
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This vibrant farming and life simulator finally celebrated its full release out of Early Access. But now the real question is if Coral Island is available on Xbox Game Pass.

With the amazing benefits of Xbox Game Pass, you could play Coral Island as a part of your monthly subscription! We’ll answer this pressing question below.

Coral Island: Is it available on Xbox Game Pass?

Fortunately, the Coral Island 1.0 version has launched on Xbox Game Pass! Not only is it only Xbox Series X|S, but it’s available on Steam and PlayStation 5 as well. Inspired by games like Stardew Valley, Coral Island is a laid-back farming and life sim that allows you to grow crops, tend to animals, and even romance the locals.

Coral Island was initially released in October of 2022 but in Early Access. Ever since then, Stairway Games has been pushing out updates and content releases in preparation for its full release. With thousands of reviews on Steam leading it to have a Very Positive ranking, there’s no reason not to download it on Game Pass to give it a try.

Is Coral Island On Xbox Game Pass Yes
Screenshot: Stairway Games

The 1.0 update has just recently launched, which means it should be available on Xbox Game Pass right now. With 35 characters to date, a beautiful farm to grow, and dozens of other colorful characters to meet, Coral Island looks like an incredibly relaxing and playful game.

If you already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you may as well get it, since you wouldn’t be paying a dime for it. It should only take up 8 GB of space too, so it’s not too large of a game either. Also, not only is it available on console, but on PC Game Pass as well.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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