Is your copy of Crusader Kings 2 lacking ways to worship the dark prince of lies – well, fear not, the Monks and Mystics DLC can help. A new trailer covering the features shows that this add-on will have you well on the way to hailing Satan in no time at all.

    Monks and Mystics floods the realm with secret societies and fraternities, allowing you to start your very own Bohemian Grove for future conspiracy theorists to freak out about. The base game will be getting the structure of these societies too, but there’ll be an awful lot more to the mechanic if you buy the DLC.

    As a member of a society, it behooves you to acquire knowledge, artifacts (with a new RPG-like inventory system), and move through the ranks until you’re the Satan Hailer in Chief. Crusader Kings 2 Monks and Mystics will be out on 7 March, and costs $15 USD.

    Peter Parrish

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