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Francia meeting you here.

Paradox didn’t leave out Crusader Kings 2 at their fan event in Gamescom, announcing a new DLC for that game as well. This add-on will be all about the “Father of Europe,” Emperor Charlemagne.

According to what Paradox said on stage, this will be a more story and event-driven DLC than previous Crusader Kings 2 offerings. You’ll follow the life and rise of Charlemagne as he strives to unite the tribes of Europe and create the Holy Roman Empire.

The start date of the game will be pushed back to 769, and the expansion will add the opportunity to create customisable Kingdoms and Empires. They didn’t talk for a great deal of time about this DLC, so quite what the mechanics of that will be aren’t yet clear.

Update: Today’s press release summarises customisation as creating “your own custom names and banners.” It adds that there’ll be a new feature called the Chronicle, which will keep track of a dynasty’s conquests, marriages, and “labours for the faith.”

As tends to be the case with Paradox grand strategy expansions, the Charlemagne add-on will be accompanied by a major patch for the base Crusader Kings 2 game that will be available for everyone.

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