CS:GO is gone and CS2 is already a disappointment to fans in more ways than one

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Even though CS2 has just released, fans have been comparing it constantly to CS:GO, and some are mourning the differences. The intense FPS game retains much of the charm its predecessor had and improves upon a lot of the problems CS:GO was infamous for, such as graphics issues and other technical problems. However, while it is a fair argument to say the game has only just gotten out of beta, there is much to be desired, especially when evaluating its performance and bug issues. Naturally, no game is perfect on launch, but Valve’s player-base has high expectations some think haven’t been met. In this article, we will cover features that are missing from the game, as well as some prevailing issues and glitches.

Missing game modes

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Firstly, the most impactful problem players are still grappling with is the loss of some minigames and game modes that were fan favorites amongst the CS:GO community. The one that has players the most up in arms (no pun intended) is Arms Race, which is one of the original FPS game’s flagship modes. Even if you haven’t played CS:GO, or are only an avid fan, you will certainly recognize this game. Your task is to rack up 32 kills before 15 other opponents can get there, competing against everyone else in intense competition. The twist is that every kill gives you a new weapon, meaning you will need to be skilled in many different types of combat in order to come out on top. Other missing game modes are Danger Zone and Flying Scoutsman, the battle royale and low-gravity, team deathmatch game modes that were also incredibly popular in the original game.

Poor anticheat

It is an unfortunate reality that cheaters are already present in many lobbies within CS2. However, to add insult to injury, the game’s anticheat is not proficient in catching cheaters — at least, not to the degree many players expected it to be. After cheating became an issue within the CS:GO community, many shared the hope Valve would develop a stronger anticheat for CS2; however, that does not appear to be the case. In time, the anticheat may be updated, but for now, players will need to cross their fingers and hope cheaters and hackers get caught by the anticheat that currently exists.

No Mac support

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Another problem players are running into is the fact that Mac support has been completely dropped by Valve. This means prospective players who have an Apple computer cannot play the game through the Steam store or on their device at all. Unfortunately for them, there are currently no solutions to this problem, and thus a significant portion of the gaming community has been shut out, unwillingly, from the brand-new FPS game. You can read more about this issue on the Steam FAQ board. For now, it looks like Mac users are simply out of luck, even if they played CS:GO in the past.

Unstable performance and glitches abound

Realistically, no game is perfect. Especially not one that has just been released from beta. However, since Valve shut down CS:GO with the release of CS2, there is no alternative for players to use while they wait for bugs to be squashed and glitches to be patched. Examples of these glitches include map clipping for most of the slopes, players spawning underneath the map, and guns staying static while your character breathes. Sure, the last one is pretty random, but it can help with immersion to have your gun not stay floating in the air while your character is inhaling and exhaling. One of the larger problems is the chance for your character to clip inside teammates, which can really cramp your style if you’re in a firefight while you phase through someone! Fortunately for fans of the game, Valve has a stellar track record when it comes to quickly improving their games, and thus we can only hope they will maintain that reputation with CS2!

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