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In a few hours time, you too can be stood here.

It seems pretty clear that Namco thinks people buying Dark Souls 2 on PC have already played it on console, as this launch trailer is spoiler-tastic. Approach it with caution, because it shows end-game areas, several bosses and basically a whole bunch of stuff that you won’t want to see if you’re trying to go in blind.

The YouTube hosting also means it’s limited to 30fps, so one of the main benefits of the PC version (a solid 60fps) doesn’t actually come across at all. You can probably make out some of the higher-res textures if you stick it in 1080p and squint. Maybe.

Anyway, there’s no too long to wait for the actual Dark Souls 2 game to unlock on Steam. It’s due to be available in (at the time of writing) another four hours, thanks to Namco bumping up the release time a little bit.

The IncGamers review will be up around about the same time.

Here’s the spoileriffic trailer. Don’t watch it unless you already know what’s in Dark Souls 2. Seriously, you’re ruining it for yourself. Stop! Turn back!

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