In a statement on the Darksiders 2 site, THQ and Vigil have decided to push the game back to allow for more development time.
The sequel was due to hit in June but has now been moved to August. The posts states:
“The rumor-mill has been churning with speculation recently, so we wanted to put it to rest first here with our core fans: Darksiders II will be moving to release globally in August 2012, rather than June as previously announced.  It’s just a short delay, but we promise the game you’ll have in August will be well worth the wait!
“This is great news for the team at Vigil, because it allows additional time for polish and to ensure that all aspects of Darksiders II meet the high-quality bar the team is targeting. In game development, more time is always a good thing for quality and the Vigil team is dedicated to providing the definitive Darksiders experience. ”
In a Q&A which accompanies the announcement, they clarify the delay has not been down to layoffs at Vigil and it will give them more time to sort out bugs. They also stress that no content is being cut from the game.
Source: Darksiders 2

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