Days Of Thunder Game Coming Summer

Piranha Games and Paramount Digital Entertainment have announced that they are working on a video game inspired by Days of Thunder.Titled “Days of Thunder,” the Days of Thunder-inspired racing title is a “multiplayer arcade title” with 12-player online multiplayer and four single-player modes.You can play through Quick Race, Time Trial, Career Mode, and an unlockable Derby Mode based around destroying everyone else’s car. Apparently, your AI opponents have been designed to match the film characters of Cole Trickle, Rowdy Burns and Russ Wheeler, so they’ll all act differently, and you’ll have Sixaxis support, pit-stop minigames, damage meters, car customisation, and more.If we’re thinking of the right Piranha Games, this is the team that did Need for Speed Undercover on the PSP and is currently working on a MechWarrior reboot, but either way Days of Thunder is due out on PC, Mac, Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network in Summer 2010. Let’s just hope it’s better than the other Days of Thunder game.Check out the first screenshots below.

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