DDoS group Lizard Squad apparently caught and exposed

lizard squad

Gaming can hopefully resume as normal as members of Lizard Squad appear to be have been tracked down.

Update 13 December: If you landed here looking for details of the apparent @FinestSquad exposé of LizardSquad, your best bet is their twitter account. Your guess is as good as ours as to whether this latest “Lizard Squad is over” stuff is legit or not. Original (and now quite out of date) story follows:

Despite challenges to the “Feds” it looks like the group known as Lizard Squad who have been carrying out DDoS attacks on game services have been tracked down. A Tweet was posted on the Lizard Squad Twitter page indicating that the net had closed in.


Digging a little deeper it appears that members of the group have had their personal details posted on the Internet by another group and Tweets have been going out from Activist Revolution with the details.

An earlier Tweet from the same account shows a picture of an apparent chat session with members of the Lizard Squad which also exposed their identities.

There has been no further updates since the top Tweet so they could be trying to keep their heads down as there’s been no confirmation of any arrests.

The DDoS attacks started back on 23 August and the situation got more serious when SOE’s John Smedley’s flight was diverted after a bomb threat. Attacks continued for a few more days with both Twitch and League of Legends being hit. There was also a threat of an attack of some kind during PAX during an AMA session.

It’s taken a while to track the group down but gamers should stop experiencing DDoS attacks from the group.

Update: Some fresh postings on twitter and at the Lizard Squad site suggest that, whatever else may be going on behind the scenes, the lizards are calling it a day.

“We proved that even though we are little in this very big world, that a small group of friends who work together can cause a lot of havoc without legal repercussions. Today we will be disbanding, behind the green reptiles and other bullshit, we have lives believe it or not, things to do, people to meet.”

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