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Dead Island 2 Character Guide: All Slayers Ranked

Which slayer will you pick?

Now that Dead Island 2 is in the wild, the game is faring quite well by selling a million copies. This can be attributed to many things like the open world, the creative weapons, and just a fun time taking down hordes of zombies. However, the most important thing you can do in Dead Island 2 before diving in, is to pick a character. Each of them has a unique play style with their own abilities, which can make the game different for every player. Not all characters are equal, this guide should make picking one easier.

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Dead Island 2 Slayers ranked character guide

This Dead Island 2 character guide will rank the slayers from worst to best. So when you get into the game, you shouldn’t be surprised by how they work.

Slayers ranked: Tier A character guide in Dead Island 2


Bruno Picture

Screenshot via Deep Silver

If you want to challenge yourself, and play with more finesse, consider picking Bruno. When you play as this character, the meta is about getting behind the enemies and dealing massive damage. With his skill Backstab, you’ll be doing a lot of damage only if you’re attacking from behind. The issue with Bruno is that he’ll need to jump over and evade zombies in order to get behind them. To help, he has Rapid Reprisal which gives him more mobility. It also seems like Deep Silver may have put the famed rapper Lil Pump in the game.


Amy Picture

Screenshot via Deep Silver

She’s a character whose playstyle isn’t going to be called on often, but when they do she’s effective. Her main skill, Divide and Conquer is useful because when a zombie is alone, her attacks are stronger. The issue with that is zombies often travel in groups, so getting them alone would be the play. Relief Pitcher gives her more stamina after she’s thrown a weapon. Getting overwhelmed comes often, and this ability makes it easier to overcome.

Tier S character guide in Dead Island 2


Jacob Picture

Screenshot via Deep Silver

You’re going to be purely doing offensive attacks with Jacob. With his Feral ability, you can continually attack with a damage increase over time. So taking on groups of the undead can be easy.  His secondary skill Critical Gains helps him stay alive longer when his health is too low. You can become a real threat with a high chance of surviving in Dead Island 2.


Clara Picture

Screenshot via Deep Silver

Probably one of the easier characters to use in Dead Island 2. Most of her abilities are around damage, so you’ll be joining Jacob in the front. While she doesn’t have anything to help her health, Clara is a high-resilience character. This means she can withstand any elemental or normal attacks coming her way. Her Mosh Pit skill gives her a permanent damage boots, and if there are zombies close by this attack can help. Clara’s Secondary is Dig Deep, she gains more toughness when her health is low much like Jacob’s secondary.


Ryan Picture

Screenshot via Deep Silver

Ryan is a balanced character, and most of his abilities revolve around keeping him alive and mobile. Dodging and countering is essential in Dead Island 2, and this character can make it easy. With his Seesaw ability which gives him health regen every time an enemy is knocked down, he can easily clear out a room. His Retaliation skill also makes him hard to hit. If you’re playing with a team, Ryan can be an asset.


Dani Picture

Screenshot via Deep Silver

She’s probably the best and the easiest character to use. If you’re somewhat new to how Dead Island 2 plays, this character can be for you. When taking down zombies, her ability Bloodlust activates, which gives her a large heath boost. So in theory, your health won’t go down at all. Thunderstruck gives her an explosion per heavy attack, and this helps her take down a large number of zombies at once.

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