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As a remake, Dead Space has been reanimated and now walks among us with EA and Motive bringing a shiny new PC version. The game’s new visuals are really something and, while the gameplay isn’t much different, it feels great to be back in Isaac’s big, stompy boots as he dismembers mutants. If you’re planning on playing the game in 4K, I hope you have a damn good rig. Otherwise, you may have some trouble.

With a 3090 paired with a 2600x, I hovered between 30 and 40 fps at 4K. At 1440p, I got 50-60 fps in the same areas. However, that varies wildly based on the size and complexity of each section. In tighter spaces, I often had 60+ fps and even spent some time in the 80s.

I didn’t notice much in the way of stuttering, either. On ultra settings, the game is somewhat demanding, but it should be quite easy for most people to find the settings that grant plenty of extra frames. Still, playing the game at high framerates is preferable, as it’s all the more satisfying to take down Necromorphs with the extra precision and smoothness afforded.

The install isn’t massive, either, clocking in at 36.32 GB. The game’s intro does suggest that you play it on an SSD and not an HDD, however, as the latter can cause problems.

Let’s check out the display and graphics options.

Dead Space remake PC version report

Display space

Dead Space Pc Version 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You’ve got the whole gamut of refresh rates and HDR. It’s surprising how many games as of late having had HDR as an option, but Dead Space makes sure to deliver on that front.

Dead Space Pc Version 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

DLSS is available under anti-aliasing, although I’ve been playing with TAA instead. You can turn off the film grain and motion blur as well.

Dead Space Pc Version 4

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Strangely, there’s no texture quality option. Regardless, the environments look fantastic.

Dead Space Pc Version 5

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You can rebind everything with ease, and Dead Space plays marvelously with a mouse. You’ve got full mouse support in the menus too, which likely won’t be even remotely surprising. Controller bindings can also be changed.

One thing I do want to bring up is the agreement that shows when you start the game for the first time. You’ll need to agree to EA’s data sharing in order to even get to the main menu. From there, you can turn the data collection to the minimum via options, but that’s only if you remember to do so, which is fairly annoying.

And there you have it. Dead Space has a very good PC version that makes for a much smoother experience than trying to play the original or its sequel. It might eat your lunch a bit at 4K, but this is definitely the best way to play the game and get scared silly in the process.

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