Best Clans In Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List
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Demon Slayer Legacy clan tier list – Best clans

What are the best clans in Demon Slayer Legacy?

Demon Slayer Legacy is a great Demon Slayer Roblox game with a lot of great clans. There are 16 clans in Demon Slayer Legacy and all of them have their pros and cons. However, there are some clans that are better than others. Here are the best clans in Demon Slayer Legacy ranked from best to worst.

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How to get a clan in Demon Slayer Legacy

Before we get to the Demon Slayer Legacy clan tier list, you need to know how to get a good clan. When I started the game, I had around 25 spins. After customizing my characters, I got to use my 25 spins to get a good clan.

Since most clans offer buffs to specific powers, I highly recommend spinning for a good power first so that you know which clans you want to get. Since I got lucky on my first power spin by getting Beast Breathing, I knew I needed two Hashibara Family clans to give me a 66% increase in Beast Breathing skill damage.

You can get more spins in Demon Slayer Legacy by logging in daily and pressing spins and using Robux to buy more. Keep spinning until you get two good clans, or spend Robux to unlock your third and fourth clan spots for even more clan bonuses.

Best clans in Demon Slayer Legacy, ranked

All Clans In Demon Slayer Legacy Explained

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The ranking of the clans in Demon Slayer Legacy has everything to do with the power you have. For example, if I have Lightning Breathing, then the best clan for me is going to be Agatsume because that clan buffs Lightning Breathing skill damage.

So, the true best clan in Demon Slayer Legacy is the clan that works with your power. That said, here are the best clans in Demon Slayer Legacy.

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S-tier clans in Demon Slayer Legacy

  • Chaos – Gives you powerful moves such as summoning skeletons, creating a moving, auto-target laser beam, and sending out a massive explosion.
  • Uburashiki – Gives you powerful blood moves.
  • Uchiha – Buffs early game transformations. Grants users Sharingan and genjutsu powers from Naruto.
  • Saiyan – Gives you moves inspired by Dragon Ball Z that are really powerful.

The best clans in Demon Slayer Legacy are Chaos because of the insanely broken moves you get with this clan, Uburashiki for the broken blood moves that are excellent in PvP, Uchiha because of the moves you get plus the buff, and Saiyan for, you guessed it, the great moves.

Every clan in S-tier is really hard to get since they are extremely rare, but if you have one of these clans, it sort of doesn’t matter what power you have since the moves are that good.

A-tier clans in Demon Slayer Legacy

  • Kamado – 33% more damage on Water and Sun Breathing skills.
  • Kocho – 33% more damage on Insect Breathing and Flower Breathing skills.
  • Shinazugawa – Grants weapon protection by 10%. Slows demons and allows you to wield Wind Nichiren when at 15% health.

The next best clans in Demon Slayer Legacy are Kamado thanks to the Water and Sun Breathing buff as well as some excellent moves, Kocho because of the Insect and Flower Breathing buff, and Shinazugawa for the interesting buffs that it provides.

B-tier clans in Demon Slayer Legacy

  • Hashibara – 33% more damage on Beast Breathing skills.
  • Uzui – 33% more damage on Sound Breathing skills.
  • Kanroji – 33% more damage on Love Breathing skills.
  • Himejima – 33% more damage on Stone Breathing skills.
  • Rengoku – 33% more damage on Flame Breathing skills.
  • Tokito – 33% more damage on Mist Breathing skills.
  • Agatsume – 33% more damage on Lightning Breathing skills.
  • Iguro – 33% more damage on Serpent Breathing skills.

As mentioned earlier, all the clans that give you a buff to a specific power are all relatively the same. Some powers, like Lightning and Mist, are better than others which would technically make those specific clans the best in this category, but the best clan here is whichever one matches your power.

C-tier clans in Demon Slayer Legacy

  • Toma – Gives you bow moves.

The worst clan in Demon Slayer Legacy is Toma because it doesn’t buff any powers and grants you pretty weak moves. While the moves are awful, every other clan is better.

And those are the best clans in Demon Slayer Legacy. Hopefully, this guide helped you learn what every clan does and which ones are the best.

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