Destiny 2 Moments Of Triumph

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes: Here’s our guide on how to complete all your Moments of Triumph

From easy mode activities such as doing public events and just gathering weapons, to high-end boss fights that will leave you sweating, Destiny 2’s Moments of Triumph have everything for everyone. This is part of the game’s Solstice of Heroes phase. Essentially, it’s the transition between the first year and the upcoming second year of the game with Forsaken. The event runs from today until August 28, with more requirements set to be announced in the coming weeks. We’ve provided a guide on how to completely everything that this event has to offer.

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Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes and its Moments of Triumph will follow the same formula as in the previous game. You have a bucket list of things you’ll need to do, and completing goals will give you rewards. Think of it like seeing how much you’ve completed within the game during the time frame. Rewards include Ghost Shells, Sparrow vehicles, and yes, the good old discount code for a shirt that initially costs $777,777,777 — because the developers, Bungie, love the number “7.”

To find out where you stand, you’ll want to log on and check out your profile. You could also do this on the official Destiny app for your mobile phone. Lastly, with the Solstice of Heroes event, you can check your progress on the Guardian statue in the Tower. These activities will appear like bounties which you can then claim for those points. The top tier reward, an exotic ship, will only be unlocked after you’ve obtained the Legendary or Resplendent Solstice Armor on all characters.

Moments of Triumph: Getting everything done

You can complete several Moments of Triumph activities without a hitch. Some are fairly self-explanatory, although others can be a pain to finish. We’ve also included videos from various Destiny 2 community members.

  • “Bringer of Light,” “Follower of Osiris,” and “Awaken the Warmind” will just require you to complete their respective campaigns. Non-ownership of the DLC means no chance to complete these requirements.
  • “The Very Best” (Attain Vanguard rank 50) can be done by grinding Strikes which drop vanguard tokens. You’ll need 20 tokens for a single rank up, which means a total of 1,000 to reach rank 50.
  • “I Will Smash You” (Defeat 100 opponents in the Crucible) and “The Fabled Guardian” (reach Fabled Valor rank) can be done at the same time and are straightforward. You just need to beat other Guardians in Quickplay.
  • “Show Me the Way” (Obtain Sagira’s Ghost Shell) requires the Curse of Osiris DLC and a bit of time investment. It’s something you’ll need to do over the course of several weeks. Once you’ve finished the Curse of Osiris campaign and at least one Heroic Adventure, the Mercury NPC (Brother Vance) will give you a new quest. You’ll have to farm components that drop from Strikes, Adventures, Crucible, and public events. Having a certain amount of the required components will allow you to obtain the 11 Lost Prophecy weapons. Only three of these are available each week. The components will drop as long as you have a Lost Prophecy Verse active. This means you can turn in the first two, and just hold onto the third and final one that you have. Farm consumables in succeeding days and only turn in once you’ve reached the cap and before the weekly reset.
  • “Fleeting Memories” (Collect 45 Latent Memories) requires the Warmind DLC. Unlike “Show Me the Way,” getting this done won’t require multiple weeks. You can do this in one sitting. All you need to do is roam around Mars and destroy the blinking memory fragments based on the element or color that they have.
  • “Adventurous” and “Treasure Hunter” might have some issues. These requirements actually track your stat for the character with the most completions. For “Adventurous,” let’s say it tracks my Hunter’s stats. This means finishing an Adventure on my Warlock would not even register that additional completion at all. The same goes for the “Treasure Hunter.” Opening a chest on different characters might not register it on the panel. Pretty much the only recourse you have is to complete it on the character with the most tallies
  • “Hive Extermination” requires you to beat a Wave 7 boss in Escalation Protocol. This is easy nowadays due to more players being higher-level. The first six waves of Escalation Protocol basically have your team roaming around the map, killing as many mobs as possible, disrupting the rifts that have spawned, and then killing the mini-bosses at the end of each wave. For the final wave, however, the boss is a bit tougher but it has a chance to drop amazing weapons. Escalation Protocol bosses also change each week but the tactics remain the same. Your team’s void damage will quickly melt bosses via Tractor Cannons and Titan Melting Points. Your team’s Warlocks can then follow up with Nova Bombs. In the video below, you see a quick and painless kill of the boss from my perspective as a Warlock. The boss dies in just a few seconds without any problems.
  • Finally, “The Emperor” (Defeat Calus in the Leviathan Raid) and “Prove Your Worth” (Complete the Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs) are end-game PvE activities which we’ll discuss in a separate guide.

Moments of Triumph: Mystery Achievements

While the above achievement can be obtained as early as the first week of July, there were also several mystery tasks that were only announced today. Here they are:

  • “Running Errands” only requires you to complete 25 bounties. You can easily do these on successive days.
  • “Remember Who You Are” requires you to complete each redux mission at least once.
  • “Fashion Hero,” “Above and Beyond,” and “In My Element” are all directly tied to the new Solstice of Heroes armor sets. “Fashion Hero” requires you to upgrade your Solstice of Heroes armor to its highest tier by completing activities and missions. “Above and Beyond” entails having to turn at least one Solstice of Heroes armor into a masterwork. And finally, “In My Element” has you collecting elemental orbs which drop from enemies when you have your Solstice of Heroes armor equipped.
  • Finally, there’s “The Hero We Deserve,” which has you complete all Heroic versions of Public Events. There are currently 25 of them and you can check your Pursuits menu to see how many you’ve done.

Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Statue

Become Legend

With a plethora of activities to complete and collectibles to obtain, we’re definitely sure that Destiny 2 players will have a lot to do this August. Since the event runs from July 31 to August 28, there’s plenty of time to obtain all of these. And that’s just in time for the upcoming Forsaken expansion which launches on September 4.

We hope this guide has helped you out in obtaining your Moments of Triumph during this Solstice of Heroes event. Let us know if you have any questions or additional tips.

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