Destiny 2 Xur rework: Strange Coins and Xur locations explained
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Destiny 2 Xur rework: Strange Coins and Xur locations explained

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Xur, the mysterious Agent of the Nine, has undergone massive changes for the Final Shape. Let me bring you up to speed and explain everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Xur rework: Strange Coins and Xur locations.

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All Xur Final Shape changes explained

Before we dive into specifics, here’s a quick overview of the changes. The most dramatic change with Xur is his currency of choice has changed from Legendary Shards to Strange Coins. Legendary Shards don’t exist post-Final Shape, so I hope you spent your stash before the update dropped.

Xur now has a fixed location for his weekly visits and will always appear in the Tower. You don’t even need to hunt for him either, as his location is marked on the map like the other vendors.

Xur Hidden
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That said, Xur still likes to hide out of sight. This week, for example, Xur is by Ikora, tucked in a corner by a horse figurine (pictured above). Finally, his inventory is a little different as he can sell Catalysts and other goodies.

How to get Strange Coins in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Strange Coins are scarce compared to Legendary Shards, so let me explain a few ways you can acquire them. One massive change to keep in mind is that you can obtain a Buff from Xur once you’ve spent 47 Strange Coins.

Destiny 2 Xur rework: Strange Coins and Xur locations explained
Screenshot: PC Invasion.

You can find the Favor of the Nine Buff in the “More Strange Offers” section of Xur’s inventory and get it once you’ve hit the Strange Coin quota. The Buff allows you to earn additional Coins, which should take the sting out of grinding events.

I’ve not tested every event, but here’s where I’ve found Strange Coins and how many I received pre-buff:

  • Vanguard Strike: 2-3 Strange Coins
  • Vanguard Nightfall: 5 Strange Coins
  • Crucible Match: 2 Strange Coins
  • Gambit Match: 2 Strange Coins

We don’t know the percentage chance for the extra Strange Coin drop, but it does seem pretty low based on my testing. Still, if you weave Vanguard activities into your weekly Destiny 2 tasks, you should acquire enough to buy whatever you want.

As Xur now sells Catalysts, it could be worth dusting off your old Exotic arsenal. Many of the best Exotic weapons in the game have Catalysts, so there’s always plenty to grind for.

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