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Early on Friday morning, there was a Diablo 3 Q&A which was held on Facebook of all places. In attendance was Lead VFX artist Julian Love and Senior Game Designer Travis Day.

The pair took questions from the community, some of which had been asked before but there were a few nuggets of info. Nothing too outstanding was shared and they were unwilling to announce a release date for the DLC pack.

The session lasted a little longer than the last one, coming in at 47 minutes and to save you time here’s a summary of what went down. If you go want to watch the video then it’s also available below.

Diablo 3 Q&A Summary

  • No release date yet
  • The D2 Necro was used as a “jumping off point” for the new Necromancer.
  • Revive is returning
  • The Necro will differ from the Witch Doctor. He’s a darker character, pets are controllable in that they can be pointed in direction. Resource models are being tested.
  • Corpses will appear to used corpse related skills
  • There’s no poison on the Necro in the Diablo 3 version.
  • Melee Necromancers will be possible, a lot of skills that have an up close and personal theme.
  • Iron Maiden won’t be coming with this necro. They don’t want that style of gameplay and there are “cooler things that could do”.
  • The amount of active summons possible is still being determined based on performance and what is actually fun.
  • The Necromancer can wield anything that’s not class specific. They are developing scythes at the moment.
  • The Necromancer will have golems and they are coming up with new golem types.
  • There will be between 4 and 5 types of golem.
  • Necro can be played with pets or the main character doing the damage depending on how you want to play the class.
  • There will be two-handed scythes.
  • Some pets will be permanent and some will be temporary only lasting for a short period of time. There will be skeleton archers and mages.
  • Necromancer can be built around blood abilities, it’s a “strong theme”.
  • The Necromancer will start with 4 sets.
  • The Necromancer will have things that remove HP to do damage. It will “show up in a big way”
  • There are no damage over time spells.
  • Decrepify will be part of the Necromancer’s arsenal. It was in the BlizzCon demo.
  • The Necromancer will have no “special form” like Archon.
  • Lots of curses
  • The Necro is not being built as a support class. Curses and other skills will help with support if needed.
  • The D3 Necromancer is not related to the Diablo 2 Necromancer as far as lore is concerned.
  • There will be no additional UI elements to handle pets.
  • The Necromancer is being added as DLC and will require Reaper of Souls to play also.
  • The Necromancer will be part of the group meta for Greater Rifts. Curses will help the whole group.
  • The Necromance will have its own set dungeons, With four sets planned there will be a set dungeon for each set.
  • There will be life steal skills due to the blood skills costing health in addition to essence. Making it work means giving the class the ability to recoup heath.
  • Lidless Wall might become a Necromancer item. This will be looked at later.
  • Revive has been a challenge due to there being over 1000 unique monsters which means 1000 x 6 pieces of unique art. By fay the most expensive skill made in Diablo to date.
  • Figuring out how corpses work has taken a lot of time.
  • It’s been exciting adapting the Diablo 2 to the new Diablo 3 Necromancer.

Thanks Diabloii.Net

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