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The Barbarian is a great class for all types of players who want to get into Diablo 4. They can withstand a lot of damage, while also giving out the beatings as well. The Barbarian role can be a fun and balanced class. On top of that, it’s a class that has a lot of room for creativity, which in turn allows you to make unique builds. While there are tons of options that may leave you overwhelmed, I’ve carefully picked skills that could help in creating a build for your Barbarian. This guide will show you the best Barbarian build in Diablo 4.

The best Barbarian build in Diablo 4

I normally don’t pick this class, I do prefer having a skeleton army with Necromancer, however, I’ve learned the Barbarian can be just as versatile if the build is right. Normally, players would pick a Barbarian that can focus on a single target; I prefer having an AoE type build. If the party is overwhelmed, the Barbarian can clear the area easily. Plus, if you’re playing on Hardcore Mode, this build can make it easier.

Basic Skill

For the class’s basic skill use Bash, after you attack 4 enemies with this skill, the next swing will stun them. If you’re using a two-handed weapon for this skill, they get stunned longer. Additionally, the Barbarian consumes Fury to use their skills, Bash generates ten Fury. So as long as you’re attacking, Fury will always generate.

Lunging Strike is a great skill to accommodate Bash. When you have an enemy stunned, your Lunging Strike will deal more damage. It can be upgraded to Enhanced Lunging Strike to heal you with 2 percent when you attack an enemy with full health.

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Fury Skill

The Whirlwind skill is a fan favorite, it’s great to have for throwing enemies away and doing massive AoE damage. If you upgrade it to Furious Whirwind, the attack adds more bleed damage. Just make sure you watch your Fury level when you do this attack, it’s rather expensive. But on the other hand, going through the Strongholds can be easier with this skill.

Defensive Skill

Ground Stomp can be deadly as well, if you pair it with the Whirlwind, you do crowd control easily. With the upgraded Strategic Ground Stomp, the cooldown for the ultimate is reduced by one second for every enemy hit.

Brawling Skill

Having Leap as a skill can accommodate the other skills in this build. You jump in the air and do massive AoE damage when you slam down, this helps your party carry out any finishing blows. Plus, if you get the Mighty Leap upgrade, enemies are slowed by fifty percent for around 5 seconds.

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Weapons Mastery

Since this build will have you front and center, it’s best to have skills that can help you take a lot of damage. If you have Defensive Stance, you’ll take less damage and will be Fortified by about 3 percent.

Ultimate skill

Now most of the Barbarian ultimate skills are pretty helpful, it’s hard to pick which one to add. However, I found that the Duelist skill made everything attack-wise manageable. When you have a one-handed weapon, the attack speed is increased by 3 percent, this helps create breathing room between you and the enemies.

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