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Diablo 4: How to start Season of the Construct

Ancient robots incoming!

We have seen Malignant Hearts, we have gathered Vampiric Powers, and it is time to face Constructs! Here is how to start the new Season of the Construct in Diablo 4.

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How to start Season of the Construct in Diablo 4

Before you take your level 100 Barbarian and travel to Kehjistan, if you haven’t experienced any seasonal content before, you need to know that you must create a new character to experience the Season of the Construct. You will get the chance to skip the campaign and go straight to the seasonal content. This has been happening since the Season of the Malignant and Season of the Blood and has been an active mechanic in the Diablo series. As I said before, and announced during the Season of the Construct trailer, the seasonal content takes place beneath the Kehjistan region in Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Start Season Of The Construct
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

This means you will probably have to head over there in the first place to meet a specific character. Based on what Blizzard has announced, we have Ayuzhan of Caldeum. He is described as both the former companion of Zoltun Kulle and also your guide who will lead you across the Vaults. However, before that, you will need to travel to Gatehall, which is a small town that will act as your base of operations during the Season of the Construct. So, expect to encounter Ayuzhan in the regular Sanctuary overworld and then follow him to either the Gatehall or even straight to a Vault. Be ready to receive the Loom and control your Seneschal Companion.

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That is everything we can infer from the information revealed by Blizzard. We will have to wait for the Developer Update Livestream on January 18, 2024. For now, prepare yourself for some ancient robotic fighting!

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