Diablo 4 Potent Blood: How to farm and upgrade Vampiric Powers
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Diablo 4 Potent Blood: How to farm and upgrade Vampiric Powers

It's time to visit the Blood Harvest

Diablo 4’s Season of Blood adds a ton of new content to the game alongside several impactful QoL changes. We can laugh at how silly the horse looks when it runs at full speed later, For now, let’s talk about Blood. Potent Blood is used to unlock and upgrade the Season 2 powers. If you want the most effective way to get Potent Blood in Diablo 4, let me show you how to farm and upgrade Vampiric Powers.

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How to farm Potent Blood in Diablo 4

  • Potent Blood Map 2
  • Potent Blood Map

The easiest and most consistent place to farm Potent Blood is the Season 2 Blood Harvests. These function similarly to Helltides, and their location is highlighted on the map in green. 

Inside these accursed areas, you’ll find vampiric enemies all over the place. Defeat as many as you can, and you’ll quickly amass a ton of Potent Blood. Going on a killing spree will yield a decent amount of Potent Blood, but you can also gain plenty by completing events around the area. 

During Blood Harvests, keep an eye out for Seeker Keys, which can drop from defeated enemies. You can use these keys to open Seeker Caches, which appear randomly around the area. These chests are similar to those you find during Helltides, but the big difference is your keys persist between Harvests. If you lose track of time, you’re never out of pocket, so Blood Harvests are always worth your time.

The best thing about these Blood Harvests is you can farm them at your leisure. These events can also be accessed regardless of your level and serve as a decent place to grind XP. Enemies scale with your level so as long as you’re constantly spending Skill Points and swapping out your gear, you should be fine.

How to upgrade Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Potent Blood: How to farm and upgrade Vampiric Powers
Image: PC Invasion

Vampiric Powers are easy to upgrade, but you will need a decent amount of Potent Blood. Open your Character Menu and move across to the “Vampiric Powers” tab (L2 on PlayStation). In this menu, you can unlock and upgrade your powers. Press the “Spend” button at the bottom of the menu to trade your Potent Blood for upgrades.

Once you get the hang of it, Vampiric Powers is a fairly straightforward system in Diablo 4. Blood Harvests are far more forgiving than Helltides, and on top of Potent Blood, you can pick up a ton of powerful loot on your travels.

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