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Diablo IV will have an in-game shop for cosmetics, with no ‘pay-for-power options’

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With that whole Diablo Immortal debacle (you know the one), fans of the series understandably have been concerned about the next game in the storied franchise. Will it have microtransactions? Seasons? Pay-to-win options? Blizzard has been firm that Diablo IV will have cosmetic microtransactions only. Today in a new blog post, the developer detailed the in-game store and what to expect while also going over the seasonal content heading to Diablo IV.

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Diablo IV will have a cosmetics shop and a Season Pass, which is to be expected. The in-game store, which the developer simply dubs “the Shop,” will contain cosmetics and transmogs for weapons and armor. You can purchase these items with premium currency, as is the way. However, none of the items for sale “in the Shop grants a direct or indirect gameplay advantage,” Blizzard reports. The gear may look diabolic, but they don’t offer in-game stat boosts.


And Blizzard affirms that it’s optional. You don’t need to buy the cosmetics if you don’t want, and there will be plenty you can find throughout the game.

Diablo IV will ship with hundreds of transmogs unlockable from drops in-game, including dozens of armor sets of the highest visual quality,” the blog post explains. “There are incredible pieces—Unique and Legendary quality items—for players to find without ever going to the Shop. The Shop offers more diversity of choices, not systematically better choices.”

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Diablo IV Seasonal content should keep you in the game

Cosmetic talk aside, the blog post also unveiled the content strategy Blizzard has for Diablo IV. It seems that “longevity” is the name of the game, here. Blizzard views Diablo IV as a live-service game, with Seasonal content lasting for years and years. The Season Journey of Diablo III will make a return, with limited-time rewards that include new cosmetics. Season Passes will add more content ranging from challenges to quests, and include changes to the meta.

The Season Pass includes two tiers: paid and free. Those who don’t want to shell out the cash will still earn rewards, but Premium rewards are only on offer for the paid version of the pass. Players can choose to upgrade at any time. You can also earn premium currency playing through the Season Pass, which you can use in the cosmetics shop. Free Season Boosts let you earn experience points quickly, and they can’t be purchased using real money.

There’s plenty more to absorb in today’s blog post, and I didn’t even mention Blizzard’s take on enhancing the meta. Be sure to check the post to get the full rundown.

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