The stand-alone Dishonored: Death of the Outsider comes out next week, so it might be useful to know what protagonist Billie Lurk can do. Unlike prior playable characters in the series, she does not carry the Mark of the Outsider. Her talents come from artifacts, and gadgets.

    Billie’s mobility power is called ‘Displace’ and involves placing a marker in the world with which she can then perform a switcheroo. Nobody else can see that marker, so you can use it to pop up behind someone or left as a handy escape route. She doesn’t have to be able to see the marker to move back to it.

    In conjunction with Displace, she can use Foresight to pause time and have an out of body experience to see what lies ahead. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider will also let you use Semblance; a way to borrow somebody’s face for a bit as a disguise (shown briefly in a previous trailer). Finally in the abilities line, Void Strike. It’s a charged up force-based attack.

    As well as all that, Billie will be equipped with a Voltaic Gun (electrified projectiles), Hyperbaric Grenades (non-lethal, filled with compacted air), and Hook Mines (can be used non-lethally, or stacked to create a lethal mesh of magnetic forces that will pull people apart). Last but not least; Rat Whispers. Billie Lurk can pick up clues by tuning in to radio rat chat (it’s her equivalent of the Heart, seems like).

    Here’s a video in which Harvey Smith talks a little more about all of the above.

    Peter Parrish

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