Disney Speedstorm: How to perform aerial stunts

Disney Speedstorm How To Perform Aerial Stunts
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While the kart racing in Disney Speedstorm at first seems trivial, once you start to learn all the mechanics, it’s more complex than you think. Gameloft’s new Disney kart racer has released in Early Access, until it goes free-to-play at some point. But for now, if you’ve purchased one of the Founder’s Packs, at some point you’ll notice you can perform cool moves in the air. But how do you perform aerial stunts in Disney Speedstorm? Here’s everything you need to know.

Guide to performing aerial stunts in Disney Speedstorm

At some point during your time with Disney Speedstorm, you’ll probably see that certain objectives require you to perform aerial stunts for rewards. But the game doesn’t exactly explain how to do these. At first it sounds confusing, but once you understand what the game means by aerial stunts, you’ll learn them quite fast.

During some of the tutorial races, you probably remember learning that your kart can jump. If you’re playing on PC, during any race, press the ‘Shift’ key to make a jump. You’ll probably see where this is going if you’re an avid Mario Kart enjoyer. In Nintendo’s kart racer, you can press a button at a certain time to make a jump off a ramp. Your character would do a cool move, and you’d get a small speed boost out of it.

Disney Speedstorm Aerial Stunt

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Disney Speedstorm is quite similar. If you jump at the right time off of a ramp, your character will perform an aerial stunt in their kart. Depending on how high you jump, your character will perform different animations. It also gives you a little speed boost once you hit the ground. Not only that, the stunt acts as a dash attack, which is useful is another racer in beside you. As you can see, aerial stunts are easy to understand, and can be useful for completing quick objectives.

Disney Speedstorm is available via Steam.

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