The Division update 1.4 due 25 October

The Division update 1.4 due 25 October

A major patch for The Division, update 1.4, has been given a release date of 25 October. That’s the day on which 1.4 will be distributed across all platforms.

Those who’ve been following along will know that this patch is a biggie. You can read the humongous list of changes at Ubisoft’s forums, which include World Tiers, UI Improvements, adjustments to gameplay and gear stats, alterations and further balancing of skills, and a whole bunch more.

Basically, almost everything about The Division is getting tweaked to some extent in this update. Those who’ve been playing on the Public Test Server will already have experienced these differences, and Massive are hoping to gather some feedback from those players. “We are looking for your feedback on the Skill changes we made in Update 1.4. Fill out this survey and let us know!” they write.

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