Can Soulmask run on Steam Deck
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Does Soulmask run on Steam Deck? Compatibility and performance, explained

Can you play Soulmask handheld?

Soulmask is a sandbox survival game that has a major focus on online play. You may be wondering if you can join in on the multiplayer fun from your trusty Steam Deck. Read further to find out.

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What is Soulmask’s Steam Deck compatibility rating? Answered

At the time of writing, Soulmask isn’t verified for the Steam Deck and there has been no information about whether it will become verified down the line. That said, considering the game is only in early access, there is a good chance that Soulmask will become verified the longer it has been available.

I have a good feeling that Soulmask will eventually become Steam Deck verified, or if not, then at least receive the “playable” rating. Early access is a great way for the developers to receive feedback from the gaming community on fixes, requests, and balancing issues. If the Soulmask community is vocal enough about how they want to play the game on Steam Deck, then there’s a possibility the developers will listen and act accordingly.

How well does Soulmask run on Steam Deck? Answered

According to Reddit users, Soulmask has major performance issues on Steam Deck. One user flat out says “It won’t even run at all. The starting screen glitches and the game freezes when trying to start the game.” Unfortunately, other Reddit users have run into the same issues.

In other words, if the Steam Deck is your only option to play PC games, I wouldn’t spend your money on Soulmask right now. Instead, wait until the developers optimize the game for Steam Deck. I recommend following the official Soulmask X account to keep up to date on important information.

For more guides on Soulmask, you’ll want to stick with PC Invasion. If you have access to a standard PC for gaming, make sure to check out our Soulmask multiplayer guide as it’ll teach you how to join and invite friends.

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