Double-crossed: Deus Ex The Fall is just an iOS game after all

Deus Ex: The Fall

First thought about the news that Deus Ex: The Fall is not a full PC/console follow-up to Human Revolution, but just an iOS title: wow, Square is going to put out teaser trailers for phone games now?

Second though: shit.

Yep, sorry everyone, The Fall is not going to be of much interest to the PC crowd after all (hey, unless you love iOS games too, then it might be.)

After Square’s latest set of financial reports I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising that the publisher is falling out of love with major, Western-developed titles. Still, it’s such a disappointment to learn that a full, proper Deus Ex game is not, in fact, on the way.

Maybe they should’ve gone for the commemorative towel option after all?

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