Dying Light 2 Best Parkour Skills Guide

Dying Light 2 has a massive city that you can explore. Naturally, you’ll traverse open spaces, and maybe you’ll get chased by zombie hordes as well. Here’s our Dying Light 2 best parkour skills guide to help you choose ideal perks.

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Dying Light 2 best parkour skills guide

You’ll obtain more XP for parkouring by chaining athletic moves and running/leaping everywhere. The points you obtain allow you to unlock the best parkour skills in Dying Light 2. I’ve made several suggestions below, though I’d like to point out that I’ve encountered a few issues as well when it came to clunky controls. However, I’d still state that parkour skills in Dying Light 2 are extremely helpful since they can trivialize many jumping puzzles in the game.

Note: Apart from skill points, these unlocks also require you to reach a maximum stamina threshold. You can increase your stamina by finding more Inhibitors.

Dying Light 2 Best Parkour Skills Guide 1

Section Parkour Skill Required Skill and Stamina Effect Notes
Default High Jump None Lets you jump higher. You’ll learn this as part of the tutorial section of the game.
1 Active Landing High Jump/0 Reduces fall damage. This is, low-key, one of the best parkour skills in Dying Light 2. It can save your life if you’re dropping down from a huge height.
Safe Landing Active Landing/140 Increases the height from which you can land without taking damage. This is just an overall improvement to something that’s already integral.
Landing Jump Safe Landing/180 You can jump immediately after landing. This is a bit pointless.
2 Firm Grip High Jump/0 Make the last climb on ledges even when your stamina is gone. Briefly maintain your grip when you grab ledges while falling from greater heights. Just like Active Landing, this is a lifesaver. It’s one of the best parkour skills in Dying Light 2.
Fast Climb Firm Grip/140 Move faster on ledges. Helpful, but not completely necessary.
Ledge Jump Fast Climb/180 Jump while climbing on ledges. Same as above.
3 Far Jump High Jump/120 Spring from an obstacle and jump further. I genuinely thought this would be a great parkour skill to have. Unfortunately, I’ve rarely been able to trigger this.
Double Jump Far Jump/160 Reach greater heights while jumping off obstacles. Same as above.
Rotate Jump Double Jump/200 Turn 180 degrees during a jump. What’s the point?
4 Sleek Runner High Jump/120 Increases your speed while navigating obstacles like balance boards, slopes, wall openings, and more. Not particularly necessary.
Stealth Movement Sleek Runner/160 Increases mobility while sneaking; allows you to jump while crouched. Helpful, but not completely necessary.
Crowd Runner Sleek Runner/160 Run through a group of enemies without losing momentum and while lowering the damage you receive. Fairly decent, especially during chases or when you’re surrounded.
Slide Sleek Runner/160 Slide through low openings. Why bother?
Slide Jump Slide/200 You can jump after sliding. Seriously, why?
5 Dart High Jump/140 Gain a brief burst of speed while running. This is easily one of the best parkour skills in Dying Light 2.
Enemy Jump Dart/180 Allows you to jump off the heads of enemies, like a parkouring Mario. I’m genuinely torn when it comes to this skill. This is really amazing during chases. Sadly, there were times when the input/trigger won’t appear. Aiden would awkwardly bump into zombies instead.
Bash Dart/180 Bash through obstacles and enemies without stopping. I was already using Crowd Runner at this point, so I didn’t have time to check this out.
Dash Dart/180 This is basically just Dart, but you can keep sprinting while you still have stamina. Again, this is extremely useful. Just being able to sprint for prolonged periods, especially once you’ve leveled up your stamina, is wonderful.
Afterboost Dash/220 Gain a brief burst of speed after performing parkour moves (i.e., climbing, Active Landing, and the like). Not particularly necessary.
6 Tic Tac High Jump/160 Run sideways along surfaces. This is an amazing skill to have. But, there were instances when my character would need to grab onto a pipe, and end up running along the wall instead.
Wall Combo Tic Tac/200 Combine Tic Tacs or Wall Runs into longer combos. Lets you chain your athletic moves.
Wall Run Tic Tac/200 Run upwards along surfaces. This, too, is one of the best parkour skills in Dying Light 2. Sadly, it can sometimes become clunky when your character just bumps into walls while trying to do the correct input.
Wall Run Jump Tic Tac/240 Jump while performing a Wall Run. This can help you traverse areas faster.

Dying Light 2 Best Parkour Skills Guide 2

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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