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The most straightforward way to heal your character in Dying Light 2 is by finding a bed and sleeping in it. It’s also possible to find large water drums on rooftop settlements, which can slightly restore HP. However, when you’re out and about in The City, you’ll definitely need a few items that can keep you in tip-top condition. Here’s our Dying Light 2 healing guide to help you with medicine and military medkits, as well as their upgrades.

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Dying Light 2 healing guide – Medicine and military medkits

Medicine is the more common healing item in Dying Light 2. You’ll receive the crafting blueprint during the tutorial stage of the game. Each medicine requires 1x honey and 2x chamomile. Don’t worry since these materials are plentiful, and you’ll often spot them while checking out rooftops or Nightrunner Hideouts (seen in the image below).

Likewise, medicine is often sold by vendors or found via exploration. As for upgrades via the Craftmaster NPC, you’re going to need some infected tokens to increase its tier. Subsequent upgrades improve the amount healed, while decreasing the time required to complete the action.

Note 1: Upgrading medicine won’t increase the cost of materials. However, it’s possible to find different tiers as vendor items or as drops. As such, you could end up with a bunch of stuff in your inventory that has multiple tiers and effects.

Note 2: Medic-type armor pieces have modifiers that boost healing effectiveness, though it’s not mandatory to chase after this type of gear.

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As for military medkits, these are rarer and more valuable because they restore you to full HP. They also have a shorter “charging” time, so you don’t have to worry about standing in the open for too long while Aiden tries to patch himself up.

Vendors in Dying Light 2 can sell military medkits, but only seldomly. You’re more likely to find them when you investigate GRE Anomalies, explore GRE Quarantine Buildings, check Military/Evacuation Convoys, open Military Airdrops, or unlock chests with medium or hard difficulty.

Still, I found that the best way to amass military medkits is by checking Inhibitor containers that have already been opened. For example, there’s an Inhibitor container in the Metro: Downtown Court fast travel point (which you’ll visit as part of a main quest). Although I’ve already grabbed the items therein, I would return every other day in-game and it’d have another military medkit. This also happened for a few other Inhibitor containers.

Dying Light 2 Healing Guide Medicine Military Medkit 2a

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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