Following accusations that Fifa 12’s Ultimate Team trading card/online mode has been the source of phishing scams over Xbox Live, publisher Electronic Arts has made moves to improve security.
An update for the 360 and PS3 versions of the game will launch later this week and, EA hopes, will halt the phishing claims. Claims that EA themselves still deny as the reason behind recent Xbox Live account thefts.
Following the update, Ultimate Team players will be limited to sending trade offers only to those on their friends list. They will also need to set up a security question when logging in for the first time following the update. When you attempt to log in to your Ultimate Team account from a console that you’ve not used before, you will be required to answer the security question.
A statement from EA says tha they’re “commited” to keeping the game safe and that the new update will “make life much more difficult for those attempting to compromise others’ accounts.”
The update is due tomorrow on 360, Wednesday on PS3.

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