Nexon, the Japan-based company (of Korean origin) behind the hugely successful free-to-play titles MapleStory and Dragon Nest, has reportedly contacted Electronic Arts over the possibility of making an offer for the publisher. This story originated in a South Korean newspaper and repeated in a Bloomberg video report (below).
    EA’s stocks rose on the back of this story, increasing in value by around 8%.
    Nexon undertook an IPO (initial public offering) of stock last December and is expecting net profits to be up around 50% this year at $500 million USD. In stark contrast, EA is expected to report net losses for the fifth year in a row. Between 2008 and 2011, the company has reported a combined net loss of around $2.4 billion USD.
    Whether this Nexon bid will actually materialise is still open to much speculation at this point.
    Source: bloomberg.com

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