What’s more shocking? The fact that EA Sports has taken over the license to produce UFC videogames, or the fact that the news wasn’t leaked before E3?

The announcement that the Fifa, Madden, NHL, Fight Night publisher has taken over control of the UFC videogames came during EA’s E3 2012 press conference today.

UFC owner Dana White was on stage to make the announcement, during which he said:

“Now that we’ve hooked up with the biggest videogame company on the planet, we can now distribute this game to the 175 countries and half a billion homes that watch UFC. This is a big day for the UFC.”

No news yet regarding potential games, release dates or whether or not a yearly release is planned.

THQ, the previous owners of the UFC license, will undoubtedly be hurt by the news. What does THQ have left? Saint’s Row, Company of Heroes, Metro: Last Light and the Warhammer license? I hope they know how to cut costs…

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