Eden Eternal closed Beta date announced

Aeria Games has today announced the Beta start date for their upcoming free to play MMO.
Gamers looking to try out a new anime-inspired F2P MMO can now get their names down for the closed Beta test of Eden Eternal which will kick off on 2 June. 
In Eden Eternal you play the role of ‘Heroic Guarduians’ who have risen to bring order to a continent at the centre of the world where citizens have begun feuding. Other features also include:

Freely Switch Classes – Players are not restricted to just one class per character. Instead, freely swap between up to 15 unique classes! Begin as a Warrior or Magician. As you progress, you’ll unlock the remaining classes. (12 available during Beta)
Player Towns – Build a thriving center of commerce, complete with your own staff of NPC merchants. Visit others towns to take advantage of the full range buildings. Be sure to shop around – each town can charge a tax rate to visitors!
Combat System – Experience smooth, real-time combat as you face off against ferocious beasts in Eden Eternal. For access to hidden loot, reduce your enemy’s BP bar to 0.
Epic Dungeons – Charge through a variety of solo, 3-man, 5-man instance and raid dungeons. Each dungeon contains unique challenges and treasures for dedicated players.

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