Elden Ring Best Class Character Creation

Technically, there’s no best class in Elden Ring, since you can try your best to make certain builds work. You could even be over-leveled to the point that several encounters become trivial. Still, it’s worth discussing the type of class that could suit certain playstyles. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you choose the right class for you during character creation.

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Elden Ring guide – The best class to choose during character creation

Elden Ring offers 10 classes to choose from during character creation. While a few have similar functions, they have different levels, stat spreads, and starting weapons. Likewise, don’t forget that you could always stack a certain stat for a build that you want. And, much later, you’ll be able to reset your attributes as well.

Speaking of attributes, we can simplify the system into the following:

  • Resource bar – Vigor (HP), Mind (FP/mana), and Endurance (stamina and carry weight).
  • Melee and ranged
    • Strength (STR) is generally used by weapons with powerful attacks but slower animations (i.e., clubs, hammers, crossbows, two-handers, or colossal types).
    • Dexterity (DEX) is for weapons with weaker attacks but faster animations (i.e., rapiers, straight swords, whips, and bows). This stat also slightly increases the casting speed of spells.
  • Spellcasting
    • Intelligence (INT) is the primary stat stick for Sorcery-type spells, though Faith might be used as well.
    • Faith (FAI) is the primary stat stick for Incantation-type spells, though Intelligence might be used as well.
    • Arcane (ARC) is used by some Sorceries and Incantations. It’s the stat that determines item discovery/drop rate.

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Strength-based: Vagabond and Hero

The Vagabond and Hero both have 1H weapons and a shield. The Vagabond’s STR is lower, but its DEX is higher. The inverse is true for the Hero. If you’re going for a full STR build, then the Hero is a more ideal pick.

Dexterity-based: Warrior and Samurai

The Warrior and Samurai have stat lines that are fairly similar, though the former does have the highest base DEX out of all the classes in Elden Ring. Sadly, the Warrior’s STR is lower, so you have to pump a few points if some weapons require that stat. The Samurai, meanwhile, starts with a ranged weapon.

Note: I actually started as a Samurai and dumped more points into DEX as I progressed. This helped boost my ranged attacks further, which speeded up “cheesy” encounters against bosses like the Tree Sentinel and Erdtree Avatars.

Elden Ring Best Class Character Creation 2

Hybrid: Bandit and Prisoner

Just like the Samurai, the Bandit also starts with a ranged weapon. Likewise, its DEX stat is lower, though still at a respectable value. Still, there are some extra ARC points (in case you need to be a hybrid spellcaster as well). Speaking of hybrids, the Prisoner has a decent stat line, and the two highest are DEX and INT.

Casters: Astrologer, Prophet, and Confessor

If you’d like to start out with high INT, then the Astrologer is the best class for you in Elden Ring. The vast majority of Sorcery spells tend to be offensive in nature, so this can be your go-to if you want to burn or shatter your foes. Alternatively, the Prophet is there for those who like the high base FAI stat, given that it’s used primarily for Incantations. Although some Incantations have offensive capabilities, many have uses for support and buffing. Lastly, there’s the Confessor, whose FAI stat is lower compared to the Prophet. However, the other physical-based attributes are spread more evenly.

Elden Ring Best Class Character Creation 3

Special: Wretch

The Wretch is a special class in Elden Ring, akin to the Deprived in the Souls games. It starts at level 1 and has a stat spread distributed evenly at 10 points each. It also has nothing but loincloths and a club, making the initial part of your journey more challenging. The key difference is that the Wretch lets you fine-tune your stats the way you want them given that it’s only level 1.

Eldr Ch St Cls 1

Elden Ring is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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