Elden Ring Mirage Rise Puzzle Phantom Crests Guide Altus Plateau

Mirage Rise is a location in Elden Ring‘s Altus Plateau region. You can complete a puzzle here and obtain some spells. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you with the Mirage Rise puzzle and Phantom Crest locations.

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Elden Ring guide – Mirage Rise and Phantom Crest locations

To get to Mirage Rise in Elden Ring, just follow Altus Plateau’s main road from Abandoned Coffin/Erdtree Grazing Hill and head north. As you get near the ruined Forest-Spanning Greatbridge, you should see sloping paths that lead downward. In this area, you’ll spot the Minor Erdtree guarded by Wormface. Also, the Bower of Bounty Site of Grace is in the middle of the forest.

Keep going west until you see that the tower icon is revealed on your map. Oddly enough, there’s no tower here. However, when you check the tome, it gives you a map of the Mirage Puzzle or Mirage Riddle. The requirement is to interact with three Phantom Crests in the area (i.e., icons with a blue glow). The first one is already next to the tome.

Elden Ring Mirage Rise Puzzle Phantom Crests Guide Altus Plateau 1

The second is further west near the rock wall. When you get close to it, Mirage Imps will also appear and continue respawning until you move away.

Elden Ring Mirage Rise Puzzle Phantom Crests Guide Altus Plateau 2

The third and final crest is very close to the Bower of Bounty bonfire. If you look at the map, it’s right between the icons of the two fast travel points here.

In the environment, you’ll see nothing remarkable, save for a small rock formation with green grass around it. Hit this and it will transform into a crest. That’s it, you’ve found all three Phantom Crests for the Mirage Rise puzzle in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Mirage Rise Puzzle Phantom Crests Guide Altus Plateau 3

To claim your prize, head back to the initial area with the tome to see that the tower has fully risen. Climb all the way to the top to obtain your rewards. These include 5x Slumbering Eggs, the Unseen Blade, and the Unseen Form. These last two are both Sorcery spells that solely rely on the INT stat.

Note: I completed the Mirage Rise puzzle in Elden Ring during nighttime, so I’m not sure if that’s a requirement for the Phantom Crests to become visible.

Eldr Altpl Mrg Pz 1

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